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Chinese Supermarkets in Southampton

The Best Chinese Supermarket in Southampton

Southampton, a port city on the South coast – famous for it’s old walls and Southampton University, has a variety of Chinese supermarkets that offer a wide range of products. Most of the Oriental supermarkets in Southampton are located within the city centre or nearby.

A typical Chinese supermarket in Southampton would stock a range of popular products such as Nissin instant noodles, large bags of Jasmine rice, speciality sauces (such as naturally brewed soy sauce) and frozen dim-sum.

Some larger Oriental / Asian Supermarkets in Southampton do stock a wider range of products than others. At Yau Brothers, we stock one of the widest ranges of Chinese food; which can be purchased in our online Oriental supermarket and in our supermarket in Southampton.

Alongside all the things you may need to cook Chinese food, we have a wide range of speciality food products such as fresh Chinese vegetables, tofu, IQF frozen prawns, takeaway containers, Japanese / Korean foods and much more.

We also operate an online store, where we can offer Chinese grocery delivery. However, for trade customers it is best to visit our store in Northam, Southampton or to give us a phone call on 02380225568.

You do not need a membership card to shop with us, and we also offer a carpark. You can find out our opening hours by clicking on the link.

Some of the other Chinese Supermarkets in Southampton are:

  • Hai Bao Supermarket 海宝超市 – This Chinese supermarket is located next to Southampton Civic Centre and stocks a range of Oriental food products. Hai Bao Supermarket is open daily from 10:30am – 9:30pm and is instantly recognisable on Southampton Highstreet due to its bright yellow sign!
  • Asian supermarket. ( /  南安普顿中国超市) –This Asian food store is close to Southampton Solent School of Art & Design, Below Bar Studios. You can find a range of traditional Chinese foods and services such as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Acupuncture. They also operate an online Chinese supermarket where you can buy hotpot ingredients amongst other items.
  • 阳光超市 E&J Oriental Supermarket – is a Chinese shop located in East Street, Southampton and offers a good range of products. With opening times of 1130am-8pm daily.
  • Sukee Market 蘇記超市 – Located in Burgess road, offers a range of Fresh Asian foods and vegetables, and also many ambient food products such as instant packet noodles.
  • 5 Chinese Supermarket – Located next to Southampton Bargate and close to Southampton West Quay shopping centre. They offer parcel delivery services to China and stock a lot of different Chinese food products.
  • China Town Shirley – Stocking a great selection of Asian foodstuffs and also lots of Indian spices. They are an Asian supermarket located in Shirley, Southampton, and are open from 9:45am – 5pm daily.

There are also a number of Asian Cash and Carry stores in Southampton, that offer Halal meat, Indian cooking ingredients and so on – such as International Foods Halal meat centre in Portswood, which offers a really wide range of international food products such as pickles, rice, chilli’s and samosas.

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