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Exploring the Rich Tradition of Yau Brothers: A Pioneer in the Oriental Food Sector

  • Chinese Supermarkets in Southampton

    Chinese Supermarkets in Southampton

    Southampton, a port city on the South coast – famous for it’s old walls and Southampton University, has a variety of Chinese supermarkets that offer a wide range of products. Most of the Oriental supermarkets in Southampton are located within the city centre or nearby.
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  • How to cook Chinese food at home?

    How to cook Chinese food at home?

    Some distinctive Chinese flavours can be hard to replicate without items such as Shaoxing cooking wine (绍兴酒). Authentic ingredients have unique and important flavours and hold the key to cooking in an authentic Chinese style.
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  • What To Buy At A Chinese Supermarket?

    What To Buy At A Chinese Supermarket?

    If you’re wondering what to buy at a Chinese supermarket in Southampton, you’ve come to the right place. We offer a wide variety of Asian goods which will help you to mix up your mealtimes and enhance your dishes. Get creative with your favourite recipes and expand your dining repertoire with our delicious ingredients. Visit our store to learn more about us!
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